This time around we have contributions from our three site contributors. First of all, the mighty MadMan recently attended the Download Festival at Donington Park, UK. To make all the rest of us insanely jealous, he sent through this photo of himself enjoying a beverage which I’m led to believe is Danish brew Tuborg:


MadMan at Download Festival 2010

While he was off checking out bands like Megadeth, Motorhead and Lamb of God, myself and the lovely Biodagar were enjoying a weekend in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Among other things, we visited the grave of hard rock legend Bon Scott in Fremantle and drank a beer in honour of all things AC/DC, and of course had a photo taken to commemorate the occasion:

Beers with Bon

That’s me (Goatlady) on the left, and Biodagar on the right. We’re drinking VB Raw, a new take on an Australian classic and not a bad drop.

What amazingly metal things have you been up to? Send us the evidence!