It’s been a while between photo posts, but we’re ready to share the madness again!

First up, we have some heavy metal brothers from Brazil with Jackie Slaughter of Canadian band Skull Fist:


Awesome work guys, and two beers towards our total.

Next up, two pics were submitted to our Flickr group by Mirjam Otto. Both taken in a place I know and love very well – the Hamburg Ballroom. Unfortunately embedding of the photos has been disabled so you’ll have to visit Flickr to see them – but I’m still going to count the two frosty beverages towards our total (it’s not cheating, honest).

Our esteemed One Million Beers contributor and Goddess of Metal As Fuck, Biodagar, contributed the next two photos to the flickr pool. She explains about the image on the left:

“I’d just come from a day in Corporate Land, and the shirt I was made to put over my dress because the dress just ain’t metal.”

You’re plenty metal enough for us hun!

The image of the right features Biodagar with Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder at their recent Adelaide show. I’m not sure what’s going on, but there’s beer, metalheads and horns being thrown, so I’m sure it’s all above board.

Beers at the Ellises' Me & Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder

Count two more brews towards the total. Counting the three beers from last week’s “Contributor’s Edition” photo post, that means we can add six more beers to our running total, bringing it to 188.

So until next time, keep submitting those photos, keep drinking up and most importantly, stay metal \m/