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Tankard’s ‘A Girl Called Cerveza’

Tankard playing on board 70,000 Tons of Metal 2012 – photo by Kay Smoljak, originally published on MetalUnderground.com 

We’ve written about Tankard before, and here we are again – probably because they are an obvious choice for this site, having made a 30 year long career out of writing songs primarily about beer.

The German thrashers have a new album which will be out next week, titled A Girl Called Cerveza. A few reviews are out ahead of the release and the album seems to be dividing opinion. Harley at That Devil Music says that “Tankard aren’t doing anything earthshattering or groundbreaking here – just sticking to their guns” in a fairly positive piece on the album. Steel Druhm at Angry Metal Guy was less complementary, going as far as to say “with a ratio of three decent songs out of ten, there are obviously issues here aplenty”.

Check out the video below for the title track and tell us in the comments: good song about beer or bad?


New Tankard!

There is only band that can rightfully claim to  be Kings of Beer – German thrashers Tankard. Over the last 25-odd years, they’ve released album after album of solid beer-drinking classics – approximately one every two years. 2010 sees the release of Vol{l)ume 14 (yes, it’s their 14th full-length studio recording).

Watch the first video, Rules For Fools, below:

You can’t say they don’t have an awesome time doing what they do!

Beer-drinking songs: Korpiklaani and Tankard

When we asked our Twitter friends what their favourite beer dinking songs were, we got two kinds of responses: songs about beer, and songs that are so good they just inspire beer-drinking.

We’ll leave the second type of song for next time, but today here’s some of the songs that were suggested that were about beer.

First up Korpiklaani, with Bring Us Pints of Beer – a song title that is instructional and very specific as well as kick-arse:

Actually, much of Korpiklaani’s material is about beer, but for now, how about a band that not only wrote songs about beer, but named their band for it too? I’m talking of course about ‘80s thrashers Tankard. Check out Commandments:

Did you catch the lyrics in the chorus? I reckon truer words were never spoken:

Life’s too short to waste your brew
It’s plain to see-obey the rules

Thou shalt not waste and thou shalt not spill
Just drink your beer – Commandments
Thou shalt not puke cause there’s no excuse
Just drink your beer – Commandments

What are your favourite songs about beer?