suspiciously non-genuine looking viking dude

Listen up, my beer-loving metalheads: it’s time to get some edjamacation happening!

The gorgeous Steff Metal has dug up some very interesting information about the history of our esteemed beverage of choice (apparently, the first recorded recipe is from our pals the Ancient Sumerians). She also makes it metal by including a list of her favourite beer drinking metal songs, and a list of deities associated with beer and drinking.

So raise a pint to Osiris, the Egyptian god who invent beer (as legend goes), or Tezcatzontecatl, the Aztec god of inebriation, or Siris and Ninkasi, the Babylonian goddesses of beer, and thank them for their excellent taste (not to mention how metal they were). Oh, and take a photo to submit to One Million Beers while you’re at it…

Cheers Steff – love your work!