Perth to Bloomington by car (and kayak)

On my various beer-fuelled wanderings around the internet this week, I came across RadFest, a mini metal and beer fest being held on June 5 in the Upland brewery in Bloomington, Indiana in the good ole’ United States of America. Playing at the event are a number of metal bands including Deadmen, Coffinworm and Bible of the Devil.

Sounds awesome! I plugged the address into Google Maps and selected “get directions by car”, but unfortunately it’s going to be a long drive from my current location – cutting across the north of Australia to Japan by kayak, paddling across the North Pacific with a lovely stopover in Hawaii to enter the United States at Washington, then driving across country to Bloomington. It’s only a trifling 25,000 kilometres, but the 53 day journey means that sadly, the event will be long over by the time I get there.

Maybe someone who lives closer can go and take some pictures for us…

Do you have any cool “beer n’ metal” events in your home town?