This time around, the submissions are all boys! Ladies, where are you?

First up, Illinois Bob sends in this photo, explaining “Bob, Matt, and Jeff tip one back for Metal, while playing some” – that’s what we like to see, guys!

Next up we have two submissions from Aussie metalhead Gus (@Biomech_) – writing some riffs and chugging back a beer (or three) – on ya mate!

And finally, Eddie Jacobsen shares these pics, first backstage at Voxhall, Denmark where his band SIC performed with Hatesphere in 2009, and then showing us how they like to party! Thanks Eddie, that’s what we like too!

My little eye spies 30 beery beverages in this lot… and although math is not my strong point, I’m pretty sure that means our tally is now at 182 beers, or 0.182% of the way to one million beers. Or, in the esteemed words of the lovely Biodagar, we’re approximately one “poofteenth” towards the total! But don’t be discouraged, there’s a lot of beer in this world, a lot of metal, and we’re patient people. Drink up!