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I truly thought I had found the world’s most metal beer a couple of weeks ago but during a recent extended stay in Italy courtesy of a bloody big cloud of volcanic ash, I feel the crown has been challenged.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…La Biere Du Demon:

Translating as “The Beer of The Demon”, this French lager is something to fear. At 12% it’s as strong as a decent wine, and the unique aftertaste is somewhere between a decent dark ale and turpentine.

Can a beer possibly be any more savage??

Metal festivals tend to have at least one beer sponsor but more often than not, it’s some kind of piss weak lager that you drink all day without feeling the effects. Let’s be honest; there’s nothing particularly metal about drinking a can of Fosters. However, Britain’s Wells Brewery might have created the world’s most metal beer:

The awesome silver and jet black bottle may make it look like a Dimmu Borgir-issue butt-plug, but if you look closely…

From Satan’s very own stock!

This is the world’s most metal beer – any challengers?