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Brewers that like heavy metal


If you want to prove you’re metal, naming your company TRVE Brewing is one way to go about it – and that’s just what Nick Nunns did when he opened his brewery in 2011. Denver Westward blogger Jonathon Shikes it described as “a long, skinny, patio-less space that resembles a dive bar in appearance, but with a goat’s skull hanging above the taps”. Sounds awesome.

Based in Denver in the US state of Colorado, the boutique brewhouse names their beers things like Hellion, Death Ripper and Stout O))). This month they will release their first bottled beer, a sour brew called Vexovoid (after Portal’s latest release), but it will only be available from their own bar and bottles cost $17 (ouch).

TRVE Brewing Company

via TRVE Brewing will bottle its first sour beer and begin barrel-aging program

So for those of us who don’t live in Denver, here’s some Portal:

Iron Maiden beer breaking records

Trooper Ale

According to Robinsons, the family-run brewery in Stockport (UK) making Iron Maiden’s Trooper Ale, demand for the brew is unprecedented in the company’s  175 year history.

Marketing director David Bremner says “for the first time in our history we’re brewing three times a day and six days a week” – which is apparently more than double their normal production. He also mentioned that they had not spent any money on advertising. Which, considering how rabid Iron Maiden fans can be, is not really surprising.

The ale is not yet available, but can be pre-ordered on the beer’s web site. Yes, the beer has it’s own web site.


Beers inspired by AC/DC

Angust Young, AC/DC

Photo by Charles Brewer

I was at Metalcamp in Slovenia last month (this is not the place for a festival write up, but if you haven’t been and you like sun, pristine river beaches, partying and metal, you WANT to go, trust me), and next to the bin at one of the beaches I spied this:

AC/DC Beer

The tagline – “German Beer, Australian Hardrock” is a good one, because Australian beer and German hard rock would be a pretty bad combination!

OK just joking. German hard rock is pretty good. I’m not going anywhere near the issue of Australian beer.

Anyway I thought I’d find out some more information about this brew – I was as surprised as anyone that I hadn’t written it up here yet. Seeing as it’s available in Germany only (and only since July) I couldn’t find a hell of a lot of information about it in English, other than it’s a 5% pilsener brewed in accordance with Germany’s Purity Law by Karlsberg (thank you Google Translate, mein deutsch ist scheisse).

While looking around for it, I also found this article on the Decibel Magazine blog: For Those About to Drink: AC/DC-Inspired Beers. I love “Track #3”, the image featured at the top of the post – very wink wink nudge nudge secret metal handshake insider stuff.

AC/DC is pretty universally loved, so there must be more of this kind of thing. Seen any others?

Deep fried beer doesn’t taste that great?


It turns out that fried beer (we blogged about it here), the winner of “Most Creative” although not best overall deep fried food product at the Texas State Fair, might not taste all that great.

Debra Canfield of East Dallas took one bite of Fried Beer and immediately had bitter beer face.

She spit it out.

Canfield said it was too salty and tasted too much like Fried Butter, last year’s hit.

"The warm beer makes it taste like ravioli that hasn’t been cooked," Canfield said.

It’s possible that the problem was that they used some crappy American beer like Budweiser. Has anyone tasted it or tried making it?

Beer as part of a healthy diet


European metal festival season is in full swing, and metalheads in campgrounds all over Europe are indulging in the traditional beer breakfast. According to a new study, they could be doing their bones a favour.

Researchers at the Department of Food Science & Technology at the University of California have discovered that beer contains dietary silicon in a highly digestible form. That means it’s good for increasing the mineral density of your bones.

Of course, the study did say “moderate” beer consumption may be beneficial. They also pointed out that there are many other sources of dietary silicon, including oatmeal, dried dates, granola cereal and high-fiber wheat bran cereal.

But that just sounds like a recipe for beer on your cereal to me!

Fucking Hell–the beer, that is


From the “hilarious but true” files, a German brewery has won the trademark to market a beer called “Fucking Hell”. But get your mind out of the gutter – ‘hell’ is a German term that can mean“light ale” and “Fucking” is the name of a small town in Austria that goes through a lot of town name signs. See? It’s all perfectly innocent.

The people of Fucking – pronounced “fooking” in German, much like it is in the North of England – are less than impressed. There’s only 90 or so of them, and they’ve had the name for 800 years. From the Austrian Times:

Franz Meindl, the People’s Party (ÖVP) mayor of Fucking, reacted saying: "We just want to be left alone. There are all these stories about our town’s name all the time – especially in summer. Everybody writes what they want."

I don’t know when the beer is going into production or where it’s going to be available, but that’s gotta be the most metal beer I’ve ever heard of. Someone send in a picture, please!

Another lot of beer-swilling metal maniacs

It’s been a while between photo posts, but we’re ready to share the madness again!

First up, we have some heavy metal brothers from Brazil with Jackie Slaughter of Canadian band Skull Fist:


Awesome work guys, and two beers towards our total.

Next up, two pics were submitted to our Flickr group by Mirjam Otto. Both taken in a place I know and love very well – the Hamburg Ballroom. Unfortunately embedding of the photos has been disabled so you’ll have to visit Flickr to see them – but I’m still going to count the two frosty beverages towards our total (it’s not cheating, honest).



Our esteemed One Million Beers contributor and Goddess of Metal As Fuck, Biodagar, contributed the next two photos to the flickr pool. She explains about the image on the left:

“I’d just come from a day in Corporate Land, and the shirt I was made to put over my dress because the dress just ain’t metal.”

You’re plenty metal enough for us hun!

The image of the right features Biodagar with Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder at their recent Adelaide show. I’m not sure what’s going on, but there’s beer, metalheads and horns being thrown, so I’m sure it’s all above board.

Beers at the Ellises' Me & Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder

Count two more brews towards the total. Counting the three beers from last week’s “Contributor’s Edition” photo post, that means we can add six more beers to our running total, bringing it to 188.

So until next time, keep submitting those photos, keep drinking up and most importantly, stay metal \m/

Raise the horns to salute a metal legend

Dio and Lemmy enjoying a brew

By now, the sad news of Ronnie James Dio’s death has reached every corner of the world, and the tributes from fans and bands alike have poured in by the thousands – like these submissions gathered from Metal As Fuck fans. The diminutive singer, frontman of Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell and his own solo outfit Dio, was truly one of the best loved figures in metal. Tragically taken from us before his time by stomach cancer, he will be greatly missed.

One of Dio’s enduring contributions to metal was the introduction of the metal horns – the universal salute that features in so many of the photos submitted on this site. In an interview with Metal Hammer, unpublished until last week, he says:

“The sign was protection against the evil eye. My grandmother used to do it. I can also give evil with it, the sign of the devil. The horns. People say ‘So you invented that?’ It was probably some guy 50,000 years ago called Og. It was a superstitious sign to ward off evil and give evil back. Because I used it so much I became synonymous with it. A symbol that has become so prevalent.”

Dio himself enjoyed a beer on occasion, like in this short clip with Lemmy, recorded only about a year ago (horns up to Bazillion Points Publishing):


in these sad times, the One Million Beers team encourage everyone to do what we think Ronnie would have liked – crank up some classic Dio tunes, open a nice cold beer, raise the horns to honour a heavy metal legend… and don’t forget to take a photo and send it in!

The (very metal) history of beer

suspiciously non-genuine looking viking dude

Listen up, my beer-loving metalheads: it’s time to get some edjamacation happening!

The gorgeous Steff Metal has dug up some very interesting information about the history of our esteemed beverage of choice (apparently, the first recorded recipe is from our pals the Ancient Sumerians). She also makes it metal by including a list of her favourite beer drinking metal songs, and a list of deities associated with beer and drinking.

So raise a pint to Osiris, the Egyptian god who invent beer (as legend goes), or Tezcatzontecatl, the Aztec god of inebriation, or Siris and Ninkasi, the Babylonian goddesses of beer, and thank them for their excellent taste (not to mention how metal they were). Oh, and take a photo to submit to One Million Beers while you’re at it…

Cheers Steff – love your work!

Boys, beer and metal!

This time around, the submissions are all boys! Ladies, where are you?

First up, Illinois Bob sends in this photo, explaining “Bob, Matt, and Jeff tip one back for Metal, while playing some” – that’s what we like to see, guys!

Next up we have two submissions from Aussie metalhead Gus (@Biomech_) – writing some riffs and chugging back a beer (or three) – on ya mate!

And finally, Eddie Jacobsen shares these pics, first backstage at Voxhall, Denmark where his band SIC performed with Hatesphere in 2009, and then showing us how they like to party! Thanks Eddie, that’s what we like too!

My little eye spies 30 beery beverages in this lot… and although math is not my strong point, I’m pretty sure that means our tally is now at 182 beers, or 0.182% of the way to one million beers. Or, in the esteemed words of the lovely Biodagar, we’re approximately one “poofteenth” towards the total! But don’t be discouraged, there’s a lot of beer in this world, a lot of metal, and we’re patient people. Drink up!