A company, appropriately called GrinOn Industries, has developed a rapid beer dispensing system (shall we term this a RBDS?) called Bottoms Up. This amazing technology fills special beer cups up from the bottom. Check out the demonstration:

IMG_4738The cap on the valve at the bottom of the cup is a magnet. Now, obvious potential technical issues aside – just how strong is this magnet? what happens if you accidentally knock it off while trying to drink your beer? – this seems pretty cool. It could totally work at metal festivals, where lines for beer are all too often a massive problem.

I’m still a big fan of Wacken’s solution to the problem of having to line up at the bar – roaming beer backpack people (left). Day and night, these warriors of drunkenness roam the festival grounds refilling beer cups from a hose attached to a refrigerated backpack. They also have Jagermeister dispensers (hey, this is Germany).

Admittedly, roaming beer backpackers are a lot more lo-fi than amazing magnet magic beer cup fillers – but hey, it works! The wandering backpack barstaff  easily are the most popular people on the Wacken grounds.

Hat tip: Wired Playbook