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Iron Maiden’s new Trooper Ale

The latest band to launch their own beer is NWOBHM veterans Iron Maiden.

Produced by UK brewery Robinsons, the traditional British ale is named after Iron Maiden’s classic track The Trooper. It will be available in British pubs in May, and at Download Festival 2013 in June.

Bruce introduces ‘Trooper’ from Trooper on Vimeo.

From Digital Spy:

Bruce Dickinson said: “I’m a lifelong fan of traditional English ale, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when we were asked to create our own beer.

“I have to say that I was very nervous. Robinsons are the only people I have had to audition for in 30 years. Their magic has been to create the alchemical wedding of flavour and texture that is Trooper. I love it.”

Well, you weren’t expecting him to say it was rubbish, were you? I’d love to hear from anyone who gets to try this beer.

Graveyard put their name to a beer – and you’ll love their spin on it

If you are fortunate enough to live in or are visiting Sweden, you can now buy a beer named after classic Swedish doom band Graveyard.

The beer is called Hisingen Brew and the band had very specific criteria when choosing a beer to put their name on. Drummer Axel Sjöberg told Noisecreep:

Most beers taste good cold, but taste bad warm. There are situations where you wind up drinking beer that is warm, whether you buy it in a store and then take it to party and then drink it at the party. Or at a festival, when you are asleep in a tent. The beer is there but it’s warm and not good. Your stomach turns upside down. So we wanted it to taste good in all temperatures.

If that’s not a genius move I don’t know what is – I’ve suffered through many a warm festival beer myself! Props to Graveyard for placing the happiness and well-being of their fans in such high regard. I would very much like to sample this brew.

Watch the promo video below:

Graveyard will be releasing a new album titled Lights Out on November 6, 2012.

Beers inspired by AC/DC

Angust Young, AC/DC

Photo by Charles Brewer

I was at Metalcamp in Slovenia last month (this is not the place for a festival write up, but if you haven’t been and you like sun, pristine river beaches, partying and metal, you WANT to go, trust me), and next to the bin at one of the beaches I spied this:

AC/DC Beer

The tagline – “German Beer, Australian Hardrock” is a good one, because Australian beer and German hard rock would be a pretty bad combination!

OK just joking. German hard rock is pretty good. I’m not going anywhere near the issue of Australian beer.

Anyway I thought I’d find out some more information about this brew – I was as surprised as anyone that I hadn’t written it up here yet. Seeing as it’s available in Germany only (and only since July) I couldn’t find a hell of a lot of information about it in English, other than it’s a 5% pilsener brewed in accordance with Germany’s Purity Law by Karlsberg (thank you Google Translate, mein deutsch ist scheisse).

While looking around for it, I also found this article on the Decibel Magazine blog: For Those About to Drink: AC/DC-Inspired Beers. I love “Track #3”, the image featured at the top of the post – very wink wink nudge nudge secret metal handshake insider stuff.

AC/DC is pretty universally loved, so there must be more of this kind of thing. Seen any others?

Tankard’s ‘A Girl Called Cerveza’

Tankard playing on board 70,000 Tons of Metal 2012 – photo by Kay Smoljak, originally published on 

We’ve written about Tankard before, and here we are again – probably because they are an obvious choice for this site, having made a 30 year long career out of writing songs primarily about beer.

The German thrashers have a new album which will be out next week, titled A Girl Called Cerveza. A few reviews are out ahead of the release and the album seems to be dividing opinion. Harley at That Devil Music says that “Tankard aren’t doing anything earthshattering or groundbreaking here – just sticking to their guns” in a fairly positive piece on the album. Steel Druhm at Angry Metal Guy was less complementary, going as far as to say “with a ratio of three decent songs out of ten, there are obviously issues here aplenty”.

Check out the video below for the title track and tell us in the comments: good song about beer or bad?


The latest addition to the Motörhead alcoholic merchandise range is… a beer

Although not quite at the Gene Simmons/KISS level of ridiculousness, Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilminster has been known to not be shy when it comes to trying to make a buck off the reputation of the loudest band in rock and roll. And why not – it’s certainly deserved and the music industry itself is certainly no goldmine.

After filming a commercial for Kronenbourg 1664 with a pretty cool slowed down version of the classic tune Ace of Spades, and adding to the existing  Motörhead Vodka and  Motörhead Shiraz, a  Motörhead beer is being released – but you can only get it if you live in (or are visiting) Sweden. Called Bastards and brewed by Krönleins, the lager costs SEK19.90 – that’s £1.81, €2.35, or USD $2.87 and is only available through the chain ‘Systembolaget’.

The beer is described thusly:

“For all beer drinkers and hell raisers, fans of loud and fast rock and roll, no matter if you have no class or if you are a damaged case, this mean machine lager is fuel for any head banging opportunity.”

And that, my friends, is something to raise a glass to.

Beer marketed with tenuous link to metal: we like it anyway

So, Michigan-based Founders Brewing Co haven’t really got anything concrete to link their 11% Devil Dancer brew to heavy metal – but someone there is obviously a Sabbath fan, and since when do metalheads need an excuse to buy beer?

According to Tim Traynor, the brewery’s New York representative:

It has no official satanic affiliation, but one would expect a beer so intense to be served at parties curated by the Dark One. We thought it fitting to pair an extreme beer with extreme music, especially since the bottle label resembles the cover artwork on Black Sabbath’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album.

The beer was released on  July 2nd at a keg tapping and heavy metal party in Brooklyn. Apparently it’s quite hard to get and only brewed in a limited edition, so if you live in the area and want to get your hands on one check this article for a list of outlets.


This fridge goes to 11

Being Australian, the idea that beer should only be served icy, icy cold is a concept close to my heart. It obviously strikes a chord with the fine people at Marshall, makers of the most metal of all amplifiers, because they’ve just released a very funky product with the tag line “the coolest icon in music just got cooler”: the Marshall Fridge.

Yep, you read that right: a refrigerator disguised as a Marshall amp. It has the Marshall signature, all the right logos and styling, and control nobs that go to 11 – but open it up and it’s a 4.4 cubic foot capacity fridge/freezer with an Energy Star rating.

Sure, you could technically keep anything cool in there – cans of soft drink, water, your lunch – but I think we all know the only beverage with enough cred to be stored in a Marshall is our favorite amber brew.

According to the official web site, the fridge will be available soon for the not-unreasonable sum of USD $300. They’re also running a competition to give one away, so get in while you can!

Is this beer dispenser metal?

A company, appropriately called GrinOn Industries, has developed a rapid beer dispensing system (shall we term this a RBDS?) called Bottoms Up. This amazing technology fills special beer cups up from the bottom. Check out the demonstration:

IMG_4738The cap on the valve at the bottom of the cup is a magnet. Now, obvious potential technical issues aside – just how strong is this magnet? what happens if you accidentally knock it off while trying to drink your beer? – this seems pretty cool. It could totally work at metal festivals, where lines for beer are all too often a massive problem.

I’m still a big fan of Wacken’s solution to the problem of having to line up at the bar – roaming beer backpack people (left). Day and night, these warriors of drunkenness roam the festival grounds refilling beer cups from a hose attached to a refrigerated backpack. They also have Jagermeister dispensers (hey, this is Germany).

Admittedly, roaming beer backpackers are a lot more lo-fi than amazing magnet magic beer cup fillers – but hey, it works! The wandering backpack barstaff  easily are the most popular people on the Wacken grounds.

Hat tip: Wired Playbook

Black metal beer


In a move that was surely made just to give this blog something to write about, Jester King Craft Brewery in Austin Texas – a very new venture, by the look of it – has announced Black Metal Imperial Stout:

Black Metal Imperial Stout, a.k.a. Suds of Northern Darkness, a.k.a. Iron Sword, a.k.a. El Martillo del Muerte. Black Metal is a cruel and punishing beer fermented by the sheer force of its awesome will. We are pretty sure that Kreator wrote the song “Impossible Brutality” about this beer while drinking it during their Extreme Aggression Tour.

If you’re in the Austin area, here are some details of how you can get hold of some.

According to the brewer Jeffrey, the brew is “filled with huge flavors of roast, chocolate, burnt malt and alcohol and carries a hint of leather”. We’re a little worried about beer tasting of leather… I guess as long as it’s not sweaty old studded cod-piece leather it should be ok!

What’s the verdict – is this kvlt?

Lemmy has again shown why he is God. From a recent interview with Q Magazine, on re-recording Motorhead’s classic track Ace of Spades for a Kronenbourg 1664 commercial:

"It’s a sign that we got paid a lot of money by a beer company. They asked us to do it and I said yes," Lemmy said. "How much? None of your business."

While no one’s surprised that money exchanged hands – we weren’t born yesterday – what’s refreshing is Lemmy’s “fuck you” honesty about the whole thing. So take that, everyone who said he’d sold out – people need money to live. And it’s a beer commercial – I can’t think of anything more metal than that. Good on ya Lemmy!

Source: Blabbermouth