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Heavy Metal Parking Lot, the beer

Heavy Metal Parking Lot from Solemn Oath Brewery

In  my unwavering effort to know everything there is to know about beer and heavy metal, I set up a Google Alert about the topic – which means that every now and then when Google decides it has something new and interesting on the topic, it sends me a heads up in my inbox.

Such was the message last week that alerted me to the presence of a beer called Heavy Metal Parking Lot, which is of course the name of a somewhat infamous short documentary from the late 80s. Some cursory sampling of the information available tells me that this is an upcoming beer from Solemn Oath Brewery in  Naperville, Illinois, who make Belgian-inspired and barrel-aged beers. They describe Heavy Metal Parking Lot (the beer, that is) as follows:

Huge citrusy, piney, resinous American hop aroma, moderate bitterness, caramel malt sweetness and fruity Belgian yeast esters. A collaboration with DryHop Brewers timed to coincide with their opening in May.

Unfortunately they don’t impart any information as to why it deserves such an auspicious name, although they list potential food pairings as “Roast pork, Edam cheese, citrus tart” which I’m pretty sure none of the subjects in the documentary were interested in at the time (although 25 years later who knows). Other beers from Solemn Oath include brews called None More Black and Skinny Jeans Are Ridiculous.

So while we’re talking Heavy Metal Parking Lot, enjoy the documentary again in it’s ridiculous, beautiful entirety here:

A real life beer gut


A 61 year old Texas man has been diagnosed with “auto brewery syndrome” after complaining of experiencing symptoms of drunkenness from eating starchy food.

In what might seem like a dream come true for many beer fans, the man had an infection of  Saccharomyces cerevisiae – brewer’s yeast – in his stomach. When he ate carbohydrates, the yeast would ferment the sugars into ethanol and he would get drunk.

There’s no connection with heavy metal here – apart from the fact that your own personal portable brewery sounds like the ultimate festival accessory. Just add bread and you’re on your way.

Hat tip: Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Apparently, You Can Make Beer In Your Gut

Kvelertak rate the worst beers in America

In an interview for Metal Injection, Norwegian metallers Kvelertak rate the cheapest, nastiest beers available in the US.

Watch the video below to find out the best of the worst and the worst of the worst.

This fridge goes to 11

Being Australian, the idea that beer should only be served icy, icy cold is a concept close to my heart. It obviously strikes a chord with the fine people at Marshall, makers of the most metal of all amplifiers, because they’ve just released a very funky product with the tag line “the coolest icon in music just got cooler”: the Marshall Fridge.

Yep, you read that right: a refrigerator disguised as a Marshall amp. It has the Marshall signature, all the right logos and styling, and control nobs that go to 11 – but open it up and it’s a 4.4 cubic foot capacity fridge/freezer with an Energy Star rating.

Sure, you could technically keep anything cool in there – cans of soft drink, water, your lunch – but I think we all know the only beverage with enough cred to be stored in a Marshall is our favorite amber brew.

According to the official web site, the fridge will be available soon for the not-unreasonable sum of USD $300. They’re also running a competition to give one away, so get in while you can!

Is this beer dispenser metal?

A company, appropriately called GrinOn Industries, has developed a rapid beer dispensing system (shall we term this a RBDS?) called Bottoms Up. This amazing technology fills special beer cups up from the bottom. Check out the demonstration:

IMG_4738The cap on the valve at the bottom of the cup is a magnet. Now, obvious potential technical issues aside – just how strong is this magnet? what happens if you accidentally knock it off while trying to drink your beer? – this seems pretty cool. It could totally work at metal festivals, where lines for beer are all too often a massive problem.

I’m still a big fan of Wacken’s solution to the problem of having to line up at the bar – roaming beer backpack people (left). Day and night, these warriors of drunkenness roam the festival grounds refilling beer cups from a hose attached to a refrigerated backpack. They also have Jagermeister dispensers (hey, this is Germany).

Admittedly, roaming beer backpackers are a lot more lo-fi than amazing magnet magic beer cup fillers – but hey, it works! The wandering backpack barstaff  easily are the most popular people on the Wacken grounds.

Hat tip: Wired Playbook

Lemmy has again shown why he is God. From a recent interview with Q Magazine, on re-recording Motorhead’s classic track Ace of Spades for a Kronenbourg 1664 commercial:

"It’s a sign that we got paid a lot of money by a beer company. They asked us to do it and I said yes," Lemmy said. "How much? None of your business."

While no one’s surprised that money exchanged hands – we weren’t born yesterday – what’s refreshing is Lemmy’s “fuck you” honesty about the whole thing. So take that, everyone who said he’d sold out – people need money to live. And it’s a beer commercial – I can’t think of anything more metal than that. Good on ya Lemmy!

Source: Blabbermouth

We wish you a beery Christmas


Regardless of your beliefs, I hope everyone had a great holiday filled with our two most favourite things: metal and beer!

in honour of the season, I point you to this post from the excellent No Clean Singing blog. Part of their ongoing series of “That’s Metal – But it’s Not Music” posts, they give us The Beer Can Christmas Tree. It’s well worth going over to take a look, so go on. I’ll wait.

Apparently mighty edifice is made up of 308 cans, 3x 5-litre beer kegs, and a “fuck load” of tape and glue. It’s a thing of beauty for sure, and we congratulate NCS reader “Bob McBobbob” who put it together. Good on ya mate.

Anyone got a Christmas miracle to beat that one? Leave a comment!

Lemmy’s Kronenbourg gamble


This is probably old news by now – but hey, around here, we’re all about our taking it easy.

In a surprising change of pace, Lemmy has recorded a slowed-down acoustic version of the classic ode to gambling Ace Of Spades for a beer commercial – notably, Kronenbourg 1664. The song has also been made available as a free download, but only if you’re using Spotify.

The reactions from around the place have been varied. MetalSucks expressed outrage with NOW WE HAVE A REASON TO BE ASHAMED OF MOTORHEAD, TOO. But most of the commenters on that post were much more chilled out about the whole thing – for starters, Kronenbourg has a reputation as a very good beer and hell… it’s Lemmy. The man is a god to most metal die hards – he’d have to something a lot more drastic than an acoustic beer commercial to tarnish his reputation.

I think the song sounds cool and hell, a nice cold Kronenbourg would go down a treat right about now.

The commercial is below – what do you think? Is it a sell out, or do some people need to chill out?

Deep fried beer doesn’t taste that great?


It turns out that fried beer (we blogged about it here), the winner of “Most Creative” although not best overall deep fried food product at the Texas State Fair, might not taste all that great.

Debra Canfield of East Dallas took one bite of Fried Beer and immediately had bitter beer face.

She spit it out.

Canfield said it was too salty and tasted too much like Fried Butter, last year’s hit.

"The warm beer makes it taste like ravioli that hasn’t been cooked," Canfield said.

It’s possible that the problem was that they used some crappy American beer like Budweiser. Has anyone tasted it or tried making it?

Don’t pour sugar on this one


Image credit

Joe Elliott, frontman of venerable English rock outfit Def Leppard, is launching his own beer next week in Dublin. According to RTE, it’s "a pilsner style" that has "a deep, rich malt character, with generous hop bitterness".

But get this – it’s called Down ‘n’ Outz, which is apparently the name of his side-project. What is he trying to tell us about his musical career?

So who wants to try a beer named after a down n‘ out rocker?

Here’s Def Leppard in less desperate times: