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Mastodon join the metal beer ranks


Beardy metal titans Mastodon have joined the ever-expanding ranks of metal bands with their own beer, with the release of Black Tongue, named after the opening track of the band’s 2011 album The Hunter.

Weighing in at a quite hefty 8.3%, the ale is brewed by Signature Brew in the UK, an outfit who specialise in working with bands to create, well, signature brews.

They have the following to say about it:

Black Tongue is by far the most ambitious we have made. A year and a half in the making; with Brann and the guys deciding flavours and direction throughout, this is a Double Black IPA of huge proportions.

Rumbling smoky notes are offset by the elixir of misbehaving punchy hops. Mosaic and Magnum hops to the front, with Carafa Special 3 Malt and Pale on the baseline. The band wanted to create a ‘pallet crusher’ and that’s certainly what has been delivered. A beer for enjoying slowly, letting the bombardment of flavour and intensity hit your tongue and explode with every sip.

Sounds a little like a Mastodon album, doesn’t it? “Making Of” video below:

Heavy Metal Parking Lot, the beer

Heavy Metal Parking Lot from Solemn Oath Brewery

In  my unwavering effort to know everything there is to know about beer and heavy metal, I set up a Google Alert about the topic – which means that every now and then when Google decides it has something new and interesting on the topic, it sends me a heads up in my inbox.

Such was the message last week that alerted me to the presence of a beer called Heavy Metal Parking Lot, which is of course the name of a somewhat infamous short documentary from the late 80s. Some cursory sampling of the information available tells me that this is an upcoming beer from Solemn Oath Brewery in  Naperville, Illinois, who make Belgian-inspired and barrel-aged beers. They describe Heavy Metal Parking Lot (the beer, that is) as follows:

Huge citrusy, piney, resinous American hop aroma, moderate bitterness, caramel malt sweetness and fruity Belgian yeast esters. A collaboration with DryHop Brewers timed to coincide with their opening in May.

Unfortunately they don’t impart any information as to why it deserves such an auspicious name, although they list potential food pairings as “Roast pork, Edam cheese, citrus tart” which I’m pretty sure none of the subjects in the documentary were interested in at the time (although 25 years later who knows). Other beers from Solemn Oath include brews called None More Black and Skinny Jeans Are Ridiculous.

So while we’re talking Heavy Metal Parking Lot, enjoy the documentary again in it’s ridiculous, beautiful entirety here:

Brewers that like heavy metal


If you want to prove you’re metal, naming your company TRVE Brewing is one way to go about it – and that’s just what Nick Nunns did when he opened his brewery in 2011. Denver Westward blogger Jonathon Shikes it described as “a long, skinny, patio-less space that resembles a dive bar in appearance, but with a goat’s skull hanging above the taps”. Sounds awesome.

Based in Denver in the US state of Colorado, the boutique brewhouse names their beers things like Hellion, Death Ripper and Stout O))). This month they will release their first bottled beer, a sour brew called Vexovoid (after Portal’s latest release), but it will only be available from their own bar and bottles cost $17 (ouch).

TRVE Brewing Company

via TRVE Brewing will bottle its first sour beer and begin barrel-aging program

So for those of us who don’t live in Denver, here’s some Portal:

Beer that likes heavy metal


Fans of heavy metal and beer who live in the US state of Virginia should check out Port City Brewing Company in Alexandria – these guys serenade their brews to the soothing sound of metal.

Brewer Will Cox recently told The Washington Post “I like to think the vibrations from the loud metal music shakes the fermenters and stimulates the yeast during primary fermentation, and the hops during dry-hopping. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

Port City’s Maniacal IPA is created with Cannibal Corpse as the special sonic ingredient, while their Oktoberfest brew is (appropriately) brewed with  Kreator on the playlist.

Check out the brewery’s event pages for upcoming heavy metal nights – the next is on September 9.


GWAR-B-Q Beer launching in August

GWAR heavy metal beer

Alien overlords GWAR will be launching their own beer, giving away free samples at a launch event in Ybor City, Florida, on August 3.

Frontcreature Oderus Urungus released the following statement:

This is another milestone on the road leading to the GWAR-B-Q, the new GWAR album, and the brand-new GWAR show we will be putting on tour this fall. I am looking forward to meeting with the fans, getting incredibly wasted, and then vomiting all over them. Then we will sell that!

The beer is brewed by Cigar City and is called Impaled Ale (read some more about how the collaboration was born). Fans of legal drinking age in Ybor City can get in for $5 and the first 50 wearing  GWAR gear get in free – find more details on the GWAR web site.

And of course, there’s a video:


Iron Maiden beer breaking records

Trooper Ale

According to Robinsons, the family-run brewery in Stockport (UK) making Iron Maiden’s Trooper Ale, demand for the brew is unprecedented in the company’s  175 year history.

Marketing director David Bremner says “for the first time in our history we’re brewing three times a day and six days a week” – which is apparently more than double their normal production. He also mentioned that they had not spent any money on advertising. Which, considering how rabid Iron Maiden fans can be, is not really surprising.

The ale is not yet available, but can be pre-ordered on the beer’s web site. Yes, the beer has it’s own web site.


Iron Maiden’s new Trooper Ale

The latest band to launch their own beer is NWOBHM veterans Iron Maiden.

Produced by UK brewery Robinsons, the traditional British ale is named after Iron Maiden’s classic track The Trooper. It will be available in British pubs in May, and at Download Festival 2013 in June.

Bruce introduces ‘Trooper’ from Trooper on Vimeo.

From Digital Spy:

Bruce Dickinson said: “I’m a lifelong fan of traditional English ale, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when we were asked to create our own beer.

“I have to say that I was very nervous. Robinsons are the only people I have had to audition for in 30 years. Their magic has been to create the alchemical wedding of flavour and texture that is Trooper. I love it.”

Well, you weren’t expecting him to say it was rubbish, were you? I’d love to hear from anyone who gets to try this beer.

Graveyard put their name to a beer – and you’ll love their spin on it

If you are fortunate enough to live in or are visiting Sweden, you can now buy a beer named after classic Swedish doom band Graveyard.

The beer is called Hisingen Brew and the band had very specific criteria when choosing a beer to put their name on. Drummer Axel Sjöberg told Noisecreep:

Most beers taste good cold, but taste bad warm. There are situations where you wind up drinking beer that is warm, whether you buy it in a store and then take it to party and then drink it at the party. Or at a festival, when you are asleep in a tent. The beer is there but it’s warm and not good. Your stomach turns upside down. So we wanted it to taste good in all temperatures.

If that’s not a genius move I don’t know what is – I’ve suffered through many a warm festival beer myself! Props to Graveyard for placing the happiness and well-being of their fans in such high regard. I would very much like to sample this brew.

Watch the promo video below:

Graveyard will be releasing a new album titled Lights Out on November 6, 2012.

Beers inspired by AC/DC

Angust Young, AC/DC

Photo by Charles Brewer

I was at Metalcamp in Slovenia last month (this is not the place for a festival write up, but if you haven’t been and you like sun, pristine river beaches, partying and metal, you WANT to go, trust me), and next to the bin at one of the beaches I spied this:

AC/DC Beer

The tagline – “German Beer, Australian Hardrock” is a good one, because Australian beer and German hard rock would be a pretty bad combination!

OK just joking. German hard rock is pretty good. I’m not going anywhere near the issue of Australian beer.

Anyway I thought I’d find out some more information about this brew – I was as surprised as anyone that I hadn’t written it up here yet. Seeing as it’s available in Germany only (and only since July) I couldn’t find a hell of a lot of information about it in English, other than it’s a 5% pilsener brewed in accordance with Germany’s Purity Law by Karlsberg (thank you Google Translate, mein deutsch ist scheisse).

While looking around for it, I also found this article on the Decibel Magazine blog: For Those About to Drink: AC/DC-Inspired Beers. I love “Track #3”, the image featured at the top of the post – very wink wink nudge nudge secret metal handshake insider stuff.

AC/DC is pretty universally loved, so there must be more of this kind of thing. Seen any others?

The latest addition to the Motörhead alcoholic merchandise range is… a beer

Although not quite at the Gene Simmons/KISS level of ridiculousness, Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilminster has been known to not be shy when it comes to trying to make a buck off the reputation of the loudest band in rock and roll. And why not – it’s certainly deserved and the music industry itself is certainly no goldmine.

After filming a commercial for Kronenbourg 1664 with a pretty cool slowed down version of the classic tune Ace of Spades, and adding to the existing  Motörhead Vodka and  Motörhead Shiraz, a  Motörhead beer is being released – but you can only get it if you live in (or are visiting) Sweden. Called Bastards and brewed by Krönleins, the lager costs SEK19.90 – that’s £1.81, €2.35, or USD $2.87 and is only available through the chain ‘Systembolaget’.

The beer is described thusly:

“For all beer drinkers and hell raisers, fans of loud and fast rock and roll, no matter if you have no class or if you are a damaged case, this mean machine lager is fuel for any head banging opportunity.”

And that, my friends, is something to raise a glass to.