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Mastodon join the metal beer ranks


Beardy metal titans Mastodon have joined the ever-expanding ranks of metal bands with their own beer, with the release of Black Tongue, named after the opening track of the band’s 2011 album The Hunter.

Weighing in at a quite hefty 8.3%, the ale is brewed by Signature Brew in the UK, an outfit who specialise in working with bands to create, well, signature brews.

They have the following to say about it:

Black Tongue is by far the most ambitious we have made. A year and a half in the making; with Brann and the guys deciding flavours and direction throughout, this is a Double Black IPA of huge proportions.

Rumbling smoky notes are offset by the elixir of misbehaving punchy hops. Mosaic and Magnum hops to the front, with Carafa Special 3 Malt and Pale on the baseline. The band wanted to create a ‘pallet crusher’ and that’s certainly what has been delivered. A beer for enjoying slowly, letting the bombardment of flavour and intensity hit your tongue and explode with every sip.

Sounds a little like a Mastodon album, doesn’t it? “Making Of” video below:

Cool metal-themed beer can designs


Personally I prefer my beer bottled or on tap to in a can, but there’s some situations when that’s not possible (like glass-free festivals, for example). However, cans as a container provide a lot of opportunities for cool artwork. have compiled a list of heavy-metal themed craft beer can designs. Check ’em out. They are all US-based.