Heavy Metal Parking Lot from Solemn Oath Brewery

In  my unwavering effort to know everything there is to know about beer and heavy metal, I set up a Google Alert about the topic – which means that every now and then when Google decides it has something new and interesting on the topic, it sends me a heads up in my inbox.

Such was the message last week that alerted me to the presence of a beer called Heavy Metal Parking Lot, which is of course the name of a somewhat infamous short documentary from the late 80s. Some cursory sampling of the information available tells me that this is an upcoming beer from Solemn Oath Brewery in  Naperville, Illinois, who make Belgian-inspired and barrel-aged beers. They describe Heavy Metal Parking Lot (the beer, that is) as follows:

Huge citrusy, piney, resinous American hop aroma, moderate bitterness, caramel malt sweetness and fruity Belgian yeast esters. A collaboration with DryHop Brewers timed to coincide with their opening in May.

Unfortunately they don’t impart any information as to why it deserves such an auspicious name, although they list potential food pairings as “Roast pork, Edam cheese, citrus tart” which I’m pretty sure none of the subjects in the documentary were interested in at the time (although 25 years later who knows). Other beers from Solemn Oath include brews called None More Black and Skinny Jeans Are Ridiculous.

So while we’re talking Heavy Metal Parking Lot, enjoy the documentary again in it’s ridiculous, beautiful entirety here: