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A real life beer gut


A 61 year old Texas man has been diagnosed with “auto brewery syndrome” after complaining of experiencing symptoms of drunkenness from eating starchy food.

In what might seem like a dream come true for many beer fans, the man had an infection of  Saccharomyces cerevisiae – brewer’s yeast – in his stomach. When he ate carbohydrates, the yeast would ferment the sugars into ethanol and he would get drunk.

There’s no connection with heavy metal here – apart from the fact that your own personal portable brewery sounds like the ultimate festival accessory. Just add bread and you’re on your way.

Hat tip: Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Apparently, You Can Make Beer In Your Gut

Brewers that like heavy metal


If you want to prove you’re metal, naming your company TRVE Brewing is one way to go about it – and that’s just what Nick Nunns did when he opened his brewery in 2011. Denver Westward blogger Jonathon Shikes it described as “a long, skinny, patio-less space that resembles a dive bar in appearance, but with a goat’s skull hanging above the taps”. Sounds awesome.

Based in Denver in the US state of Colorado, the boutique brewhouse names their beers things like Hellion, Death Ripper and Stout O))). This month they will release their first bottled beer, a sour brew called Vexovoid (after Portal’s latest release), but it will only be available from their own bar and bottles cost $17 (ouch).

TRVE Brewing Company

via TRVE Brewing will bottle its first sour beer and begin barrel-aging program

So for those of us who don’t live in Denver, here’s some Portal:

Beer that likes heavy metal


Fans of heavy metal and beer who live in the US state of Virginia should check out Port City Brewing Company in Alexandria – these guys serenade their brews to the soothing sound of metal.

Brewer Will Cox recently told The Washington Post “I like to think the vibrations from the loud metal music shakes the fermenters and stimulates the yeast during primary fermentation, and the hops during dry-hopping. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

Port City’s Maniacal IPA is created with Cannibal Corpse as the special sonic ingredient, while their Oktoberfest brew is (appropriately) brewed with  Kreator on the playlist.

Check out the brewery’s event pages for upcoming heavy metal nights – the next is on September 9.