If you are fortunate enough to live in or are visiting Sweden, you can now buy a beer named after classic Swedish doom band Graveyard.

The beer is called Hisingen Brew and the band had very specific criteria when choosing a beer to put their name on. Drummer Axel Sjöberg told Noisecreep:

Most beers taste good cold, but taste bad warm. There are situations where you wind up drinking beer that is warm, whether you buy it in a store and then take it to party and then drink it at the party. Or at a festival, when you are asleep in a tent. The beer is there but it’s warm and not good. Your stomach turns upside down. So we wanted it to taste good in all temperatures.

If that’s not a genius move I don’t know what is – I’ve suffered through many a warm festival beer myself! Props to Graveyard for placing the happiness and well-being of their fans in such high regard. I would very much like to sample this brew.

Watch the promo video below:

Graveyard will be releasing a new album titled Lights Out on November 6, 2012.

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