Angust Young, AC/DC

Photo by Charles Brewer

I was at Metalcamp in Slovenia last month (this is not the place for a festival write up, but if you haven’t been and you like sun, pristine river beaches, partying and metal, you WANT to go, trust me), and next to the bin at one of the beaches I spied this:

AC/DC Beer

The tagline – “German Beer, Australian Hardrock” is a good one, because Australian beer and German hard rock would be a pretty bad combination!

OK just joking. German hard rock is pretty good. I’m not going anywhere near the issue of Australian beer.

Anyway I thought I’d find out some more information about this brew – I was as surprised as anyone that I hadn’t written it up here yet. Seeing as it’s available in Germany only (and only since July) I couldn’t find a hell of a lot of information about it in English, other than it’s a 5% pilsener brewed in accordance with Germany’s Purity Law by Karlsberg (thank you Google Translate, mein deutsch ist scheisse).

While looking around for it, I also found this article on the Decibel Magazine blog: For Those About to Drink: AC/DC-Inspired Beers. I love “Track #3”, the image featured at the top of the post – very wink wink nudge nudge secret metal handshake insider stuff.

AC/DC is pretty universally loved, so there must be more of this kind of thing. Seen any others?

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