Being Australian, the idea that beer should only be served icy, icy cold is a concept close to my heart. It obviously strikes a chord with the fine people at Marshall, makers of the most metal of all amplifiers, because they’ve just released a very funky product with the tag line “the coolest icon in music just got cooler”: the Marshall Fridge.

Yep, you read that right: a refrigerator disguised as a Marshall amp. It has the Marshall signature, all the right logos and styling, and control nobs that go to 11 – but open it up and it’s a 4.4 cubic foot capacity fridge/freezer with an Energy Star rating.

Sure, you could technically keep anything cool in there – cans of soft drink, water, your lunch – but I think we all know the only beverage with enough cred to be stored in a Marshall is our favorite amber brew.

According to the official web site, the fridge will be available soon for the not-unreasonable sum of USD $300. They’re also running a competition to give one away, so get in while you can!

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