This is probably old news by now – but hey, around here, we’re all about our taking it easy.

In a surprising change of pace, Lemmy has recorded a slowed-down acoustic version of the classic ode to gambling Ace Of Spades for a beer commercial – notably, Kronenbourg 1664. The song has also been made available as a free download, but only if you’re using Spotify.

The reactions from around the place have been varied. MetalSucks expressed outrage with NOW WE HAVE A REASON TO BE ASHAMED OF MOTORHEAD, TOO. But most of the commenters on that post were much more chilled out about the whole thing – for starters, Kronenbourg has a reputation as a very good beer and hell… it’s Lemmy. The man is a god to most metal die hards – he’d have to something a lot more drastic than an acoustic beer commercial to tarnish his reputation.

I think the song sounds cool and hell, a nice cold Kronenbourg would go down a treat right about now.

The commercial is below – what do you think? Is it a sell out, or do some people need to chill out?

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