Metalheads generally aren’t known for their super-healthy lifestyles. But I reckon this might make even the most seasoned drinker balk.

Someone in Texas (where else) – let’s call him an ‘entrepreneur’ – has come up with a recipe for deep fried beer, patent pending. Apparently it’s actually a pretzel-like dough filled with beer and briefly deep fried. Briefly so as not to affect the alcohol content, of course.

The ‘invention’ will be premiered at a fried food competition in Texas, an institution that last year awarded recipe for deep fried butter.

Inventor Mark Zable is quoted as saying:

"Nobody has been able to fry a liquid before. It tastes like you took a bite of hot pretzel dough and then took a drink of beer."

His previous culinary achievements have included chocolate-covered strawberry waffle balls and jalapeño corndog shrimps. I bet he’s one fat dude!

Five ravioli-sized pieces will cost USD $5. I’m guessing at that rate it would take you a long time – not to mention a fair wad of cash – to get drunk.

Read more here but first, leave a comment: would you try a deep fried mouthful of beer?

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