It seems the metal world is resplendent with quality homages to the wondrous elixir of life we call beer. Bands from all over the world are writing and performing numbers dedicated to this sweet bringer of hangovers.

Although not as well-known as other patrons of beer on this hallowed site, Rustbucket are a band from the Midlands in the UK who have written a concise and elegant hymn to the wonder of beer. The song opens with the winning lines:

‘It’s a Monday, I drink some beer. It’s a Tuesday, I drink some beer. It’s a Wednesday [can you see where this is going?] I drink some beer…’

Pete Laurie’s vocal style has a hint of the great Phil Anselmo about it and coupled with the chugging riffs from Nick Billingsley and Ivan Lewis, Rustbusket have given us a good old fashioned drinking song!

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