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Lemmy has again shown why he is God. From a recent inter­view with Q Mag­a­zine, on re-recording Motorhead’s clas­sic track Ace of Spades for a Kro­nen­bourg 1664 commercial:

It’s a sign that we got paid a lot of money by a beer com­pany. They asked us to do it and I said yes,” Lemmy said. “How much? None of your business.”

While no one’s sur­prised that money exchanged hands – we weren’t born yes­ter­day – what’s refresh­ing is Lemmy’s “fuck you” hon­esty about the whole thing. So take that, every­one who said he’d sold out – peo­ple need money to live. And it’s a beer com­mer­cial – I can’t think of any­thing more metal than that. Good on ya Lemmy!

Source: Blab­ber­mouth

Raise the horns to salute a metal legend

Dio and Lemmy enjoying a brew

By now, the sad news of Ron­nie James Dio’s death has reached every cor­ner of the world, and the trib­utes from fans and bands alike have poured in by the thou­sands – like these sub­mis­sions gath­ered from Metal As Fuck fans. The diminu­tive singer, front­man of Elf, Rain­bow, Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell and his own solo out­fit Dio, was truly one of the best loved fig­ures in metal. Trag­i­cally taken from us before his time by stom­ach can­cer, he will be greatly missed.

One of Dio’s endur­ing con­tri­bu­tions to metal was the intro­duc­tion of the metal horns – the uni­ver­sal salute that fea­tures in so many of the pho­tos sub­mit­ted on this site. In an inter­view with Metal Ham­mer, unpub­lished until last week, he says:

The sign was pro­tec­tion against the evil eye. My grand­mother used to do it. I can also give evil with it, the sign of the devil. The horns. Peo­ple say ‘So you invented that?’ It was prob­a­bly some guy 50,000 years ago called Og. It was a super­sti­tious sign to ward off evil and give evil back. Because I used it so much I became syn­ony­mous with it. A sym­bol that has become so prevalent.”

Dio him­self enjoyed a beer on occa­sion, like in this short clip with Lemmy, recorded only about a year ago (horns up to Bazil­lion Points Pub­lish­ing):


in these sad times, the One Mil­lion Beers team encour­age every­one to do what we think Ron­nie would have liked – crank up some clas­sic Dio tunes, open a nice cold beer, raise the horns to hon­our a heavy metal leg­end… and don’t for­get to take a photo and send it in!