A com­pany, appro­pri­ately called Gri­nOn Indus­tries, has devel­oped a rapid beer dis­pens­ing sys­tem (shall we term this a RBDS?) called Bot­toms Up. This amaz­ing tech­nol­ogy fills spe­cial beer cups up from the bot­tom. Check out the demonstration:

IMG_4738The cap on the valve at the bot­tom of the cup is a mag­net. Now, obvi­ous poten­tial tech­ni­cal issues aside – just how strong is this mag­net? what hap­pens if you acci­den­tally knock it off while try­ing to drink your beer? — this seems pretty cool. It could totally work at metal fes­ti­vals, where lines for beer are all too often a mas­sive problem.

I’m still a big fan of Wacken’s solu­tion to the prob­lem of hav­ing to line up at the bar – roam­ing beer back­pack peo­ple (left). Day and night, these war­riors of drunk­en­ness roam the fes­ti­val grounds refill­ing beer cups from a hose attached to a refrig­er­ated back­pack. They also have Jager­meis­ter dis­pensers (hey, this is Germany).

Admit­tedly, roam­ing beer back­pack­ers are a lot more lo-fi than amaz­ing mag­net magic beer cup fillers — but hey, it works! The wan­der­ing back­pack barstaff  eas­ily are the most pop­u­lar peo­ple on the Wacken grounds.

Hat tip: Wired Play­book

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